János Pásztor (giutar), Francis Sajtos Feri (bass), Michal Šrámek (drums), Július Bukor (harmonica),Peter Nagy (guitar)
Zoli Borka (vocal)

What's the story?

In 1997 a couple of 15-20 people in Zemne city (the south of Slovakia) began to organize meetings and spent friday evenings listening to music an watching live videos of favourite bands, blues and rock gengre of course. Next year it was only 6-7 people but they took the music from a different point of view.

Feri Bodo dusted off his old drums, Jozef Varga bought a new Marshall and Fender. Zoli Borka started to collect lyrics of favourite songs and so the former drumer became a new singer. Julius Bukor, playing guitar and harmonica, suffered an injury to his left hand, so he gave his harmonicas full speed.

At the begining we played only for our pleasure, but in 1999 we was invited to play 2 concerts with Memory Band (HU), where we got big applaus. After that, our guitarist (Jozef Varga) left us, and was replaced with new laddie Peter Nagy, who had been watching us for a while from the "backstage". Later, the drumer (Feri Bodo) got tired and the second laddie came up to beat the drumheads. Common concert with Gamba Blues Band we played with these new people.

Now was the "line-up" stabil and from time to time we had guests like Laco Hlavatý, Janci Pásztor (Red Rooster, Nude Dead Souls) or Vlado Urbanovský. Janci Pásztor became a constant member (summer 2001) after few months of guest playing.

The first name of the band was S.B.Band (Szimo Blues Band), later KLIKK Blues Brothers (with various guests). During the summer 2001 changed to definitive - CANNED HEAT REVIVAL BAND.

Our repertoir, as the name says, consists mainly of the songs of legendary blues-boogie band CANNED HEAT. If it is needed, we can add songs of various blues classics or bands like Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson.......

We recorded our first demo CD "Dont forget to boogie" in KLIKK Pub in Nové Zámky city with help of our favourite sound technique and friend Imi Joba. The second one, recorded in Šturovo city was with the help of Laco.